Three series of tax payments Jindian fuel tanker

Date: 23 Sep 2009

Standard configuration standard
Hard piston metering pumps Split
Self-styled cast aluminum oil separator oil gun
Explosion-proof solenoid valve motor 750W
Single window, as the chassis cold plate Oil
Enhanced configuration plus version
FM-500 high-precision soft-piston pump metering blade combinations
Self-proclaimed oil gun solenoid valve
Explosion-proof Motor 750W single browser window depending on oil
Metal hose wiring chassis cold plate
Removable filter cleaning
Main technical parameters main Etechnical parameters
Environmental humidity -40 o C ~ +55 o C
Relative humidity 20% ~ 95%
Adaptability power AC 220V +20%, -20% 50Hz ± 1Hz

AC 380V +20%, -20% 50Hz ± 1Hz
The scope of the standard oil flow 5-60L/min
Explosion-proof Motor 0.75KW
Large flow range 5-90L/min
Explosion-proof Motor 1KW
The smallest was measured 5 liters
The maximum allowable error of ± 0.3%
The size of flow repeatability error of less than 0.15%
Noise <70dB (A)
Imports vacuum> = 54kPa
Unit price setting range of 0 ~ 99.99 Yuan / liter
Single measurement of the cumulative count of the range of 0 ~ 9999.99 liters
Single count of the amount of cumulative range of 0 ~ 9999.99 yuan
Preset range of 1 ~ 9999 liters, 1 ~ 9999 yuan
Come on the cumulative amount of computer count range of 0 ~ 9,999,999.99 liters
Cumulative count of the amount of the range of 0 ~ 99,999,999.99 yuan


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