Screen Pipe and Slotted Tail Pipe

Screen Pipe and Slotted Tail Pipe is the passage of formation fluid entering into the chamber of tester valve to drill pipe or tubing. Screen Pipe is usually made from a drill collar and with drilled holes. Slotted Tail Pipe is used for casing testing of single-packer. It hangs below the packer, and Slotted externally. Slotted Tail Pipe has a perforated strainer tube inside. The sizes of holes and slots are very small no matter they are holes drilled on the Screen or slots milled on the Slotted Tail Pipe, in such a manner, the mud cake or debris particles taking in the fluid are blocked out of tools, to avoid blocking tester valve, mandrel channels of tools and bottom-hole choke.In addition, we can manufacture heavy weight Slotted Tail Pipe according to customers’requirements.

The Screen Pipe is of simple construction, it provides a channel of fluid flowing as well as acts as a support element. The Open Hole Packer only provides the sealing function, and can’t support on the well wall as a casing packer. Therefore, sufficient Screen Pipes and Slotted Tail Pipes (strainer tubes are adopted usually) are needed to position the packer on the isolated position.

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