Steel-wire reinforced plastic composite pipe

Date: 28 Jun 2010
Nominal pressure: 2.5MPa

Steel-wire reinforced plastic composite pipe is a new-type extruding shaping compound pressure pipe which uses the welded reticulate wire framework as its reinforcing part and thermoplastics as its continuum base material.

Performance characteristic:

1.     It has higher strength, rigidity ,impact resistance,low temperature expansion like steel pipe, creep resisting and ultraviolet radiation resistance. Its abrasion resistance is 5~8 times higher than the steel pipe’s.

2.       It has the same anti-corrosive property with plastic pipe because of the double-faced anti-corrosive treatment.

3.       It has a good heat preservation because of a low thermal conductivity.

4.       Pipe inside wall is very smoothing and has a good antiscale performance. The head loss is 20%~40% lower than the steel pipe’s.

5.       Use the electro-heat melt technique to complete the pipe connection. The pipe parts are complete in specifications. The construction is easy and simple to handle and project total cost is low.

Prominent feature:

The pipe has a well flexibility and it needn’t use the pipe fitting to connect the pipe when the angle is  no less than 165 degree which save the cost and avoid the effect of stratum subsiding.

Application domain:

The products are applicable to the medium pressure pipe, the sub-sea pipeline and the cable (fiber optic cable) conduct in many domains including oil, natural gas, chemical engineering, city planning, and communication.
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