Longitudinal-seam Submerged-arc Welded Steel Pipe

Date: 03 Aug 2009
 Longitudinal-seam Submerged-arc Welded Steel Pipe
  Product specifications:
  Nominal outside diameter:Φ406.4-Φ1422.4mm(16-56in)
  Max. pipe length: 12.4m (40.7f)
  Nominal wall thickness: When the steel grade is X80, the wall thickness ranges from 6.4 to 23.8mm(0.252-0.94in). When the steel grade is X70, the wall thickness ranges from 6.4 to6.4-26.4mm(0.252-1.04in).When the steel grade is lower, the wall thickness can be increased accordingly.
  Applicable standards: ISO3183-3, API Spc 5L and GB9711.
  Annual capacity: 180,000 tons.
  The pipes are mainly used for oil, gas, coal slurry and mineral slurry transmission on shore and off shore and as construction pipes in off shore platform, electricity station, chemical plant and civil constructions.
  Major characteristics:
  1)There is one longitudinal weld seam in the pipe. The inside welding and the outside welding adopt submerged-arc welding process.
  2)Tack welding is performed before the inside and outside welding, so the welding process is very stable and the weld quality is high.
  3)The pipe internal stress is very small and uniformly distributed after the full-length expansion. The corrosion and cracking of the pipe owing to stress can be effectively prevented. The application of welding on site becomes easy because of the high dimension precision.
  4)NDT is easy to perform on the weld during production and field operation as well.
  5)The coverage of the pipe specifications is wide. The pipe can be either in large diameter with thick wall or in small diameter with thick wall.
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