Xi’an Dongxin Petroleum Equipment Plant Co., Ltd

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Xi’an Dongxin Petroleum Equipment Plant Co., Ltd, established in 2000, integrates scientific research, design, production, service together. It is a hi-tech company which provides drilling equipments, tools and services. It is fixed drilling equipments supplier of China National Petroleum Corporation
Our plant is located on north of Lishan Mountain, Lintong Development Area, border on Terracotta Warriors and Horses—the worlds eighth wonder. Environment in our plant is elegant, more than 30,000 m2 floor area, 10,000 m2 G.B.A. 16,000 m2 afforested area. We are listed in special protected enterprises of Lintong Area, Xi’an.
We are strong in techniques. And we are advanced in making method. We have 102 employees totally, more than 10 medium and senior engineer, 4 of them enjoying national allowance. We have long-term technological cooperation relations with PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, Tech., Gas and Oil Research institute of Changqing Field, PetroChina, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an Shiyou University, and so on. Since it was established, we are leaded by science and technology. We are strictly adhering to safe production. We pursue development through quality. We operate according to modern enterprise regulations. We run the company by honesties, advance with time. Our business developed a lot in these years for our effort in improvement and development of technologies. We are competitive in R&D and production in gas and oil drilling tools and equipments industry.
We mainly produce gas and oil drilling tools and equipments. Our main products includes: various gas and oil wellhead, gas pipe safety guarding device, down hole safety guarding device in gas well, down hole choke holder of gas well, tri-functional automatic shut-off device of gas well, hydraulic dual OD driller stabilizer, high-pressure injection well head, various packers, blanking plug, ball injector valves, oil drainers, fishers and so on. In them, more than 10 products lead technological level in China, like gas well head device for replacing components under pressure, gas pipe safety guarding device, and driller tapered stabilizer and so on. The cooperation project between PetroChina Petroleum Exploratory and Development Institute and us also achieved success. The products are stable in performance and reliable in quality. They are sold in Changqing, Daqing, Huabei, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Liaohe, Jianghan fields and were highly prized. The market shares increased quickly.
We have R&D department for new products and technologies. Many research specialists work to develop petroleum drilling equipments and technologies. Serial equipments and tools developed by us have obtained national patents, leading in China. They solved the technological problem of irreplaceable gate valves of gas well head when leaking. And they got rid of potential safety hazard of tens of gas well heads. We trained a down hole technological construction tea
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2408, A building, Kaichuang International Building, NO. 31 Gaoxin Road, Xi'an, China[710075]
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